Private Investigations


Trust is an important component of any relationship, especially when it comes to a personal connection. Pinpoint understands that it’s emotionally disheartening and destructive to have feelings of distrust that may or may not be valid in foundation. Faithfulness is a core value in any human relationship, in order to establish feelings of security, and harmony.

You may want to affirm or allay your suspicions for your own peace of mind. Or, perhaps before developing further feelings of deeper involvement and commitment, you may want to reassure yourself of his/her sincerity.

If you happen to be involved in a separation or a divorce you might have the burden of overwhelming and complicating factors of determining financial support and dependent(s) care. We are here for you to provided investigative and security services in the event of the dissolution of a partnership, in terms of establishing child support, custody, alimony, and visitation issues, as well as cohabitation matters.

We also can help you in sensitive situations dealing with your child, or a relative that you may be concerned is being led astray by troublesome individuals or involved in risky activities. We can conduct a thorough investigation that fits your needs, and provides relevant answers. We strive to handle our clients with understanding, compassion and privacy as they go through any life-changing events.