Undercover Investigations

Today’s employer requires more insight and knowledge about their labor staff than ever before. Employee integrity issues, drug dealing, sexual harassment laws, avoiding wrongful terminations and other realities of management, demand clear, complete and insightful intelligence. By far, the most effective means of gathering inside information; information unavailable through any other means, is through the use of Undercover Investigators.

Undercover Investigations are a very valuable and cost effective tool to determine the true extent of a problem within an organization. Undercover investigators function as regular employees, who are discreetly placed in ordinary positions within your organization through normal hiring procedures to observe and report on the operations inside your company.

The undercover operative works and is paid like any other employee and files reports on all observations, including systems issues, risks, health and safety violations, management practices (such as reporting harassment) and obviously, drug dealing, abuse and theft. How the issues identified are dealt with is totally up to the client. Many clients quietly address the issues without fanfare or disclosure of the undercover operation and others choose to deal with them publicly, to send a message to the staff.

If you have a business that is fast-paced, growing or has a high employee turnover undercover operations can be an important tool for maintaining the integrity and profitability of your enterprise.