Our Mission

We at Pinpoint know that there are a lot of choices in the Investigative & Security industry and we hope we can earn your Trust & Confidence. Our office supervises and performs investigations, on behalf of Fortune 500 Companies and their Legal Counsel. They depend on us for corporate security as well as private security for their executives.

We also work hand and hand with several Commercial & Residential Properties, Health Care Facilities and Construction Sites all over the Tri-State area. We possess the resources, and flexibility to respond quickly to the demands of a fast-paced and rapidly changing world.

In addition we provide services that include identifying and investigating trademark, copyright and patent infringements in the conventional marketplace and on the Internet. Our product security practice also includes investigation of product diversion and parallel imports that violate contractual relationships and create unfair pricing advantages.

Our services in this area are enhanced by our access to online public records. Loss prevention and theft investigation services have long been our speciality. Some of our more popular services include the use of undercover operatives in corporate or industrial settings to acquire information not available by conventional means.

We are committed to achieving the objectives of our clients by finding solutions to their problems in a professional, cost-effective and efficient manner. We believe that as a service based industry, the personal relationship which exists between our clients and our personnel is fundamental to the quality of our service.


Pinpoint Investigations & Security Corp. was founded by Christopher J. Piazza, a retired N.Y.P.D. Detective who pursued his vision of developing a superior security and investigating company. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, his objective was to raise the industry’s standards in order to meet the demands for a new level of service. In today’s post 9/11 world, the capability for maintaining higher security protocols is crucial in combating new threat levels. This is The Next Step in Today’s World.

We adhere to the highest standards for recruitment and training, well in accordance to the N.Y.S. Security Guard Act of 1992 and the New York Department of State, Division of Licensing. Our approach includes employing operational investigating and security teams carefully drawn from the highest ranks of Military, Federal, and Local Law enforcement agencies, as well as leaders in the private security industry.